NaBloPoMo is not working out for me. I don’t know why I try these monthly posting/writing things…..I’m just not able to keep up with it and I might as well admit it and stop trying. I simply cannot write unless I’m in the mood and I’m not in the mood every single day. I refuse to force it “Push yourself!” they say – I say BAH. If you (I) have to force it then it becomes work. I want it to remain play, fun, my creative outlet. So sue me. (wink)

I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. My old cat, who we figure was close to 20, died on Thanksgiving Day. I also had a mini meltdown thinking of my mom as this was the first major holiday since her death. One of my outside cats got hit by a car and died and now another one has gotten into something toxic and his kidneys are failing and we’re trying to save him. It’s not been a good two weeks for pets around here.

On the up-side, I’ve started a new blog – yes! – and yes, I did just say I’m not able to keep up with writing. sigh. However, this is a cooking blog and I only plan to post once a week. So if you’re into cooking or food or eating anything at all, check it out: The Ambiguous Cook.

Honestly, I think part of my problem is I get bored and only a new project will re-energize me.


I don’t really know.

9 thoughts on “Bah

  1. Ha. You got nothing on me for being slow (I’ll call it distracted for me!). Not that I don’t apply the sporadic figurative click of my tongue to myself. But if we grant ourselves permission to write, then likewise, permission not. And the quantity of gold stars is not proportional to volume I think – so you’re fine.

    Write when it truly has meaning for you, be that either content or “process”. And sometimes shifting gears will help writing, if that’s what you do really want. Write a five word poem (you know, anything way outside the norm for you), and who cares if it’s not even “good”!

    Besides, I like your new cooking blog.

    (Sorry about the cats and all. I understand that too.)


  2. i am sorry about the cat. that is hard…and i think sometimes we can pressure ourselves right out of writing…it will come if we let it…hope you get that new project to re-energize you…smiles.


  3. Writing is work, of course, but I agree with you that it doesn’t work without fun unless you have to make a living from it. Simply take a break and wait for inspiration to come … I’m rather sure it will find you again : )
    My sympathies for your cats.


  4. Charlotte, sorry to hear about your cats. I know how you must feel, my animals mean the world to me. I also understand about the writing. I am at a lull in mine right now, that is why I am not doing prompted sites. However, I do miss the exchange with some of the folks at those sites, like Neil above. I am going to check out your cooking blog, because I do love to cook, and my husband loves to eat 🙂



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