the ocean rolls like bodies
beneath sheets as twilight
seeps over the horizon, we
lie side by side not touching
and the day is slipping away

days of grey and mist passed
and we persevered together,
swimming in warm, safe waters

you were in my head awake and
asleep, I could never get enough,
now I barely see you, we exist in
separate seas

we’ve been to places no one else
has seen, felt the lightning in the
midst of a storm, seen northern lights
flashing in southern night skies

can we get it back, can a hurricane
blow away our malaise to reveal
redemption if we want it badly enough?

3 thoughts on “Passages

  1. can we get it back? yes, i think you can…it takes intentionality though…been there a few years ago…

    really great opening on this…there is a nice rhythm and cool imagery, and nice turn as well allowing us to feel that taken…

    cool write…


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