Tackling a Big Topic

The back of the ear lobe is hidden. It’s soft and meek and brings no attention to itself. Very fine hair lies on the neck parallel to it, hair as soft and fine as the first down of baby birds when they’ve just opened their eyes for the first time. The back of the earlobe is soft. It invites touch, it desires touch. A finger lazily caresses the lobe,it’s tip fitting snugly into the hollow in back.  A tongue lightly licks the edge of the lobe from jawbone below to the stiff cartilage above. Lips nibble. A nose nuzzles, inhaling musky scent, the wet warmth of breath cascades down the fine bone of the jaw and onto the neck. The ear lobe feels wanted,sensual, powerful and no longer meek.


This little bit is the result of a writing exercise from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.  The exercise was to write about a big subject – eroticism, in this case – by breaking it down into different aspects. She gives several examples, I chose “What part of your body is the most erotic?”. I’ve always felt the back of the ear lobe to be very erotic or, maybe more specifically, attention paid to it by a lover to be very erotic. The above is what I wrote.

Sometimes one needs a little help with inspiration. Natalie’s book always inspires me.

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