After the Before Time

Image by Sveta Dorosheva
Image by Sveta Dorosheva

Ah, Monday morning. I used to hate Mondays when I worked at a job that I despised that kept me in a constant state of heart-thumping panic and made me drink too much at night. After ditching that job I now really like Mondays with its promise of a week full of mysterious things. Especially mornings like this one, partly cloudy in the 70’s with the barest hint of Spring on the breeze. I admit  it, weather really affects my mood and I just want to wallow in the springness of days like this. (Even though my backyard is full of dead, brown things.)

This morning I read an essay from Becoming Minimalist which I subscribe to via email. I’m constantly trying to declutter and minimize the physical and mental crap in my life so I subscribe to several writers who specialize in this area. It was titled “5 Steps To Declutter Your Schedule and Live Your Desired Life” and here is the very best part of the essay:

5. Find what motivates you and use it.

Study yourself and figure out what makes you tick. What makes you come alive? What makes you feel human and reminds you that you are not just a robot with a job and a checkbook? What tugs at your heart? What reminds you of the things you value most?

It may be: listening to music, blogging, dancing, painting, singing, jogging, lifting weights, or something really random and strange that you just love to do.

It’s okay if it isn’t related to your “greater purpose” or if it even makes sense to other people. If it motivates you (and it’s legal), do it!

Life’s too short to spend our days in constant frustration.*

Five years ago when I left that horrible job – wait, who am I kidding? I was pushed out. – it was very scary. I’d been working constantly since I got my first part-time job at 16. I didn’t know how not to work and I thought I had to immediately find another job. Well, I did but I only stayed for about 9 months (and the job was helping out a friend) and then I quit. For good. For the first time in my life I’m a stay-at-home not-mother, the one thing that scared me the most, and I love it. I decided after 35+ years in the workforce I deserved to be free and unencumbered and out from under someone else’s thumb. Free to explore what I want to do, what inspires me, what makes me happy. It’s been a sometimes confusing, sometimes scary, sometimes bluesy time and I’ve learned a lot about myself that I didn’t have time to think about before.  I dance more, I sing more, I listen to music more, I read more (but still not as much as I’d like), I write more, I play with my dogs, I explore my city, I chat with friends. I live more mindfully. That’s the key, I live more mindfully. I don’t rush around trying to accomplish five things at once, I take my time. Everything gets done in the end and if it doesn’t what’s the worst that could happen. Yep. Nothing earth shattering.

Living minimally and mindfully. It’s a thing.

Here are some other great Minimalist websites:

Be More With Less

Zen Habits

Rowdy Kittens

*Embolden by me.



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