Mucus Rags

Once again,
left where you don’t belong
Scrunched up into a wrinkly wannabe
cloud filled with snot and skin flakes
or smears of mayo and spit,
glaring forlornly at me glaring pissed offedly
at you. When left to marinate in phlegm
and fluids on bedside tables and kitchen
countertops you start to multiply
like earthworms that procreate by having sex
with themselves.
Hell, you already have the lube so why not use it?

2 thoughts on “Mucus Rags

  1. I know. I wrote this when I was pissed off because there were sticky, used paper towels all over the kitchen cabinets within 3 feet of the garbage can. I mean, just throw that crap in the garbage! Sheesh…


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