Polaroid Moment

Easter Sunday afternoon on the drive
to Mamaw’s house we topped a hill
(Like any other Mississippi hill) to see
a tableau of wild jonquils, a riot of
buttercream yellow and white, carpeting
a gently sloping field. Mamma took our
picture sitting among the flowers in the
gentle spring sunlight, the three of us
so young, so innocent, without a care
except for wondering who would find
the Queen’s nest full of treasure at
the Easter egg hunt.

6 thoughts on “Polaroid Moment

    1. Oh dear, I don’t know what to do about broken links in email since it’s sent out through WordPress. Please let me know if it happens again and I’ll try to get in touch with WP customer service. Thanks!


      1. I believe I had the same problem with your post that followed” Polaroid Moment”. When I went looking for it I found Polaroid Moment and read that directly on your blog.


      2. The post notification for Easter, Late Afternoon is working. Looks like you had a more languid Easter than than I. It’s hay cutting season out here and lots of clearing for the vegetable and herb gardens


      3. Ah, I know about hay cutting – hard work! Also, vvegetable gardening. I spent many summers picking and shelling, etc as a kid. I did have a lazy Easter Day. 🙂


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