Driving To New Mexico, 1973

Stuckeys signs rise into the sky like lamp posts
lighting the way from rest stop to bathroom break
to late night motels with swimming pools (yay!)
In between the miles I read every passing billboard –
especially the ones showing sophisticated grown ups
holding cocktails and cigarettes (temptation!)
White and yellow stripes disappear behind us in
the endless flatlands of Texas dotted with pumping rigs
like giant grasshoppers bolted in the earth. The first glimpse
of purple mountain slopes rise on the horizon like
a wonderous mirage after the boredom of dusty plains.
Green valleys and twisty roads meander
through lush forests and little towns and my stomach
does a flip in anticipation of almost being there.

Shared on dVerse Poets Pub, an online site where poets share their work and support each other.

22 thoughts on “Driving To New Mexico, 1973

  1. ha. i def loved roadsigns growing up…and i have eaten at a stuckey’s or two…or a friendly’s…another good one, especially the fribble shake….its cool too watching the scenery change with each passing mile….passing from flat land to mountains…


  2. Pumping rigs like grasshoppers… I like that! Again a poem that makes me want to see more of the (non-touristy/country side) of the US… Like it!


  3. So happy that I stumbled upon you at dVerse…since I also wrote about NM for the prompt. Love NM, love the southwest and your very descriptive poem really hits home for me. I did drive from Texas to NM on one particular trip there and couldn’t wait to leave the flat lands!


    1. Not for the first time. I was born and spent my early childhood in NM but once we moved to MS we would drive back to visit grandparents every few years.
      I’m glad you liked this little piece, Kathy!


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