the deep end

Jimi_playing_guitar_with_teethKick against the sun.
The great generator,
its spangles and chains.
Belly into dusk
the silence
the still air
the curve of trance.
Let your shadow shimmy
over the floor
of the deep end.
Like Jimi plucking steel strings
with his teeth and spitting out


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22 thoughts on “the deep end

  1. I like this quite well. It reminds me Dylan Thomas’ villanelle DO NOT GO GENTLE – it is about kicking back against that which would “get you down” and pulling hard against your inner strings to find the strength to not only go on but prevail.

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  2. The power of poetry like this is that it somehow gathers up a wattage that’s so much more than its few words could have in any other form. Jimi could have played with his eyes open but then he would have missed the great notes suggested here.

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  3. This sounds like a concert I would like to go to…
    Just missed out on a music festival tonight (rain, exhaustion and general malaise made me decide not to go at last minute), but this makes me feel a little like I’m not missing out completely. Thanks, Charlotte.

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    1. Gems indeed, Ash! The “stones” reference is in homage to the songs where he references stones: Stone Free, Stepping Stone, and my fav, Third Stone from the Sun. 🙂


  4. You’ve been experienced. Love this. Any poem that mentions Jimi has my attention.
    Loved this passage:

    Let your shadow shimmy
    over the floor
    of the deep end.

    Thanks for spitting out these stones.


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