Olentangy Review


I’m very pleased to say I have a poem in the current issue of Olentangy Review.  In addition to the text, I also recorded an MP3 of myself reading it for their Virtual Reading Room. This was the first time I’d ever done a recording and I had to google “how to make an mp3 recording ” and teach myself. Fortunately, it was quite easy and I felt pretty damn good that I still have a few brain cells firing up in my brain. Although I’m not too fond of my voice, I took someone’s advice and just did it.

I hope you’ll  click over and read some of the wonderful work over there and add OR to your bookmarks. Darryl and Melissa Price are great people and have an outstanding journal.


7 thoughts on “Olentangy Review

  1. Congrats–very nice work, and thanks for the link to what looks like an interesting journal. The recording turned out great–maybe you should think about doing it for poems you post here as well!


    1. Jeff, thanks for your kind comments. I’ll think about that idea of posting recordings here. It never occurred to me, honestly. Maybe I don’t sound as awful as I think I do. lol. I’m glad you checked out OR. It really is a great place to read great work. You should submit!


    1. Boo, your voice makes me want to sit indian-style on the floor at your feet. my head against your bare leg. & let you read to me all day. you sound like the south. you sound like home 🙂


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