W.Eugene Smith ~ Pittsburg, 1955
W.Eugene Smith ~ Pittsburg, 1955

One time I bought a fake rock – somewhere, I don’t remember where – that had “Dream” cut into it. At that particular moment in time I couldn’t not buy it just because it was a fake rock. “Dream” is probably my favorite word because dreams are so ripe with possibility and anyone can dream, in any circumstance. I bought the rock and put it under my magnolia tree in the backyard between two roots growing on top of the ground. Every time I walked by the tree I looked down and the rock was there, reminding me to dream. Over the years the tree roots grew over the edges of the rock making it impossible to remove. Finally, the rock completely disappeared under the two roots that grew together. I look at that spot almost everyday and think about the rock under the roots still telling me to dream.

My dream rock, 2009
My dream rock, 2009

Top photo via tout ceci est magnifique

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