And on the seventh day…

she was astonished to have written seven poems, thanks to PoMoSco.  I wrote about my trepidation earlier on joining this project but I needn’t have worried. It’s proving to be a good boost for my creativity plus I’ve “met” some nice people and talented poets. I’ve written about everything from unicorns to the hurricane. Here’s my page, if you care to check it out. The only down side is that I have less time to read my usual sites and blogs but don’t think I’ve forgotten you, bloggers and writers! I’ll be back to visiting and commenting regularly next month. This project takes some research to write each poem so my reading is mainly for that reason right now.  I also post tweets about my favorite poems from the other participants (in between Mad Men tweet convos) so keep an eye out if we’re Twitter friends.

Meanwhile, here are links to some damn fine poetry from the project:

Cento: 1998 by Kymm Coveney

Yes It Is by Gary Glauber

The Subtlety of Temptation by Nancy Chen Long

Black Card by Vinita Agrawal

(More later.)

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