Seven Days of Rememberance: Day 7

Hurricane Katrina Arrives August 30, 2005
Hurricane Katrina Arrives
August 29, 2005

Photo via NASA Earth Observatory

In remembrance of lives lost and lives forever changed due to the Federal levee breach in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I’ll be posting poems and short essays I’ve written over the past 10 years through August 29.

Never Forget.


August 2005

Bloated river, threatening levee.
A fifth of gin for a genie appearance.

The bottle answered,
rolling out like a funeral.

That’s the best you can hope for.

The sky broke down, finally. Wailed
hard and sweltering.


5 thoughts on “Seven Days of Rememberance: Day 7

  1. Very powerful. I love the line with the gin. Can’t help but imagine Katrina with 3 days of stubble, smelling of booze, and wearing a “wife beater” wandering into a children’s nursery when I read that ….


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