Reading, Writing, and Publications

It’s Sunday, a day I often catch up with my online reading. I like to check in with writer’s blogs and lit zines, following their links which often take me to new and exciting places. Today I followed a link about The Daily Poet, a book of writing prompts, from a Pinterest pin that took me to Kelli Russell Agodon’s website. Turns out, she’s one half of the team who founded Two Sylvias Press with which I was already familiar. So I read about her book plus some of her other posts and enjoyed it. The book looks good and who couldn’t use a good book of poetry prompts? I may get it. Then I looked through the Two Sylvias Press site and found a call for submissions for their chapbook prize. It’s being judged by January Gill O’Neil whose website, Poet Mom, is so interesting. I’d never read her poetry until today but it really speaks to me so I tweeted about it:

“Tell” by January Gill O’Neil via American Poetry Rvw”We’ve only scrubbed the surface of my unhappiness.” #poetry

— Charlotte Hamrick (@charlotteAsh) February 28, 2016
(Click the link to go directly to the poem.)

So now, of course, I added January’s blog and American Poetry Review to my Feedly. So inspiring.

I also read several poems by several poets on The MockingHeart Review and they were all so good in so many ways and, yes, I’ve followed a couple of poet’s websites from here, too. This is the inaugural issue put out by Clare Martin, a sister Louisianan who’s work I’ve followed for a couple of years now. The journal is outstanding in it’s layout and the poets published within. Do go and read, you’ll be glad you did. Also, submissions open up again on March 1.

I’ve been remiss in reporting that I had a poem, “Starlight”,  published in the Winter Quarterly of  Blue Fifth Review. This is my second publication in BFR and I am very excited to be a part of this beautiful journal again. Big thanks to Sam Rasnake, Michelle Elvy, and Bill Yarrow.

So, it’s back to my book now. I’m reading Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi  (possible review to come)  but I should be raking leaves…….nah. bsb


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