Thank You for a Funky Time

Pick a day when the sunlight dances
on little red Corvettes and snow
in April, when elevators reach
a higher floor and you can always
see the sun.

Choose a day that incites a parade
so purple the cells in your body tingle like
pop rocks and guitars exploding, feeling
proud in the light of this power.

Give the world all your extra time and kiss
this parade we call life where he taught us to
love and laugh and celebrate in purple rain
and stars that fall from the sky.



Prompt courtesy of Found Poetry Review:

Take an erasure poem (FPR is full of them) and then add words to fill in the empty spaces in order to create a new text that flows naturally and coherently. Words should fit exactly — to the letter — so that the result appears to be perfectly justified prose. Don’t cheat by kerning.

I chose an erasure poem by Austin Kleon on Instagram (pic below) and incorporated lyrics from *Prince songs (including the title) as a tribute.


*Lyrics from the following songs included:
Little Red Corvette
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Darling Nikki
Sometimes it Snows in April
Purple Rain

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