Publications: Blue Fifth Review & Writing in a Woman’s Voice 

My poem “Fractured Journey” is published in the Winter Quarterly of Blue Five Notebook/Blue Fifth Review. I’m so happy to join the talented writers in this wonderful edition. Big thanks to editors Sam Rasnake and Bill Yarrow who are outstanding poets themselves and have been so generous to me with their encouragement and advice over the years. 

In December my poem “2 Worlds” was published in Beate Sigridddaughters wonderful journal, Writing in a Woman’s Voice. I have great respect for Beate and the tireless work she does promoting women’s writing. I’ll never forget the surprise and elation I felt when she selected me as a finalist for the 15th Glass Woman Prize. Beate is a wonderful and sensitive writer and I recommend keeping an eye open for any of her publications, as writer and editor.

And, yes, I’m back! 

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