2 Poems Rocking On the Veranda


Anyway, folks, I do indeed have two poems currently in On the Veranda Literary Journal which specializes in Southern writing. I’m very pleased to join the other poets in Issue 2.2 and hope you read all of us here.  Big thanks to the editors for giving my work a new venue. 

3 thoughts on “2 Poems Rocking On the Veranda

  1. “See that Charlotte,” he says wistfully, watching her drive off. “Used to know her.” “You kidding me?” she says. “Well okay, a little,” he admits. “Back in the day we were blog comrades, just the odd message, the occasional congratulations for another publication for her, that kind of thing…..” “Well get you!” she says, almost certain this is just another of his stupid baseless claims to greatness. He’s only on nodding terms with reality after all…..

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