Inspired by Poets


Inspired by Poets

Sometimes I think
I think too hard
Too much
Too long
I get stuck inside
My own head
Where it’s often dark
It’s crowded
It’s unforgiving
I want to be unstuck
To look outside myself
For possibilities
For spontaneity
I want to be loose
Like three of my poet friends:
Tammy, Manja, Kerfe 😁


I was reading my three poet friends this morning as I was thinking about what I’d write today for napowrimo and it occurred to me, maybe I think too hard and too much. Maybe I should just write without thinking. These three women make it look easy and I want to emulate them. That’s my goal: write and don’t think so hard.

You can read these wonderful women in their websites:

Tammy –

Manja – Mexi Movie the Third

Kerfe – method two madness 

16 thoughts on “Inspired by Poets

  1. Ahh! Now I’m really happy! I was reading this poem in your handwriting, nodding away as usually reading you and trying to decipher it all (had a problem with “unstuck”), and then I found my name! 😮 What a surprise! The first thing I do is say aaaaaw, then explain it to amore and then click on the other two links. 🙂 Thank you so so much. ❤ I will read it over and over and think about it all a bit more.

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    1. My hand got stuck on “unstuck”, lol! When I read your blog I always get a feeling of spontaneity although I know the effort involved in organizing and posting, especially photos. You make it look effortless. You’re a fun girl, from my perspective. 😘

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      1. Hehe, thank you, Charlotte. Sounds good. It’s always spontaneous, even when it’s an effort. I’m lucky, I can mostly do what I wish. Must be that you see fun because that’s the only thing I let you see. 😉 But I’ve been called the least neurotic person on this planet, so there’s that. 😀 I shared your poem on Facebook and two friends love it a lot and one was especially smitten by “the ‘loose/limber-jointed’ feeling in spirit”. 🙂 Thank you again.

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  2. wow!!! thank you! I was just going to say – I feel the same way as you, stuck in my head. Apparently I put up a good facade. 😉 Do I need to mention I don’t yet have a poem for today. Sigh.

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  3. Now I’m blushing! I actually felt very uninspired this morning until I listened to Robert’s poem and then read it again. It’s like a net, we all spark each other from different directions. This is the hump point in NaPoWriMo I think. We can do it! Only a few days to go…
    Thanks so much for your wonderful words and support! (K)

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