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It’s been too long since I shared from my daily reading habit so I’m fixing that today. I gave myself a limit of six links, otherwise I’d never get it all posted! Five are poems I’ve saved to my Pinterest Poetry Board because they’re keepers and I want to read them over and over again. I hope you’ll click through each and read the entire poem. (One is an audio file.) The last on the list is my interview with the very talented poet Sam Rasnake. I know you’ll enjoy each and every link I’m sharing. Have a great reading weekend, y’all!

Or Do Memories Go Through Our Children Like Thread Through A Needle? by Hedy Habra in Peacock Journal:

“There is a gap we do not see, that slips through
the folds of time, a tear in the fabric of passing on
memories. Fallen leaves hide furrows carved by
raindrops. Could such tears be mended, embroidered
with colored threads to hide its seams?”

String Theory Relationships by Kelli Russel Agodon In Waxwing Magazine:

“We can’t always be the eyelash and the wink, sometimes we have to be the ear, sometimes the mouth. You are and are not the speaker in this story —”

Louisiana Requiem by Heather Treseler in Frontier Poetry:

“Mother, no placid person or thing, but a rugged engine,
suing for peace: to bring forth a world from a fallen
world as a child from the long dark veins. Mother a river,
inexhaustible as water; a song of warmth and warning;”

An Incomplete Chronology by Chelsea Dingman on The Southern Review’s SoundCloud:

“What I wouldn’t give to crawl inside your body and work the gears.”

Eve in the Blood by M.Stone in Avatar Review:

You can find her name archived
in the county courthouse among
North Carolina bastardy bonds—
my second great-grandmother listed
as an unwed woman with child.

And, finally, I have an interview up on MockingHeart Review with poet and writer Sam Rasnake. It was a pleasure to talk with Sam about poetry and the writing life and I know you’ll love reading this very interesting interview.

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