Ode to My Shower

Stepping onto the cool, smooth tiles,
Into the long exhaled sigh of day’s end
Is to melt into relaxation, a calm
And quiet embrace. Soft fingers tickling
My shoulders, rivulets of warmth flowing
Over and down, slurped up by world-weary
Skin. A holy communion of solid & liquid,
The perfect unguent for restoring my
Shriveled spirit.


Napowrimo Day 10: Today I’m responding to a prompt from Tuesday Poetics on dVerse Poets Pub. I’m a day late but thanks to Merril for her lovely response to the prompt that gave me the idea to use it. The prompt is “Water”.

12 thoughts on “Ode to My Shower

  1. I can feel it – I love my shower but in the morning – it wakes me up. Haven’t been over to the blog for a few days. Should. Not reading as much as I should to prime the pump and the well is pretty dry. the point of the exercise, I guess, is to re-engage. Thanks for showing me how. This is lovely.

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