It’s All This & More

You ask what is air?
It’s the super highway
for birds
It’s the place where screams
echo or fade
It’s a flotation device
for thrown kisses
It’s life itself for life
on Earth

You ask what is water?
It’s a world filled
with waving tentacles & darting color
It’s desperation in a ditch
for drought stricken countries
It’s a bonding family shower
for a parade of elephants
It’s the thing that nourishes
life on Earth.

You ask what is poetry?
It’s air & water
It’s birds & screams
It’s kisses & tentacles & color
It’s desperation & drought
It’s bonding & parades
It’s nourishment & life
It’s everything & nothing
you want it to be
It’s all this & more


Napowrimo Day 28 prompt: Write a meta-poem, which is a poem about poetry.

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