Poem in MORIA

I am beyond happy to have my poem, “Creation’s Chaos”, in the Spring issue of MORIA, the literary journal of Woodbury University in Burbank, CA. Most especially because of the following, from the Editor’s Foreword:

“Our overall acceptance rate for this third issue was 18% and, as always, MORIA is keenly aware of how important diverse voices are to the publishing world. Out of the 48 total pieces we’ve published in this issue, 79% were by women and 13% were by writers of color, both of whom are typically underrepresented groups. We would also like to mention the wide range of ages included in this issue, representing authors from 15 to 65. We are committed to expanding our rates of inclusion.”

Thanks to the readers and editors for accepting this poem, written in response to “Always On the Train” by Ruth Stone.

Photo credit: Mathew Haddad

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