Recent Publications in Flash Fiction

I recently had a Flash Fiction story, “Jellyfish Girl”, in Flash Frontier. Many thanks to Michelle Elvy and team for giving this little story a wonderful home!

My microfiction, “Sniffing Dreft” was a finalist in the global competition Micro Madness 2020, in the “Lockdown” category. Here is a link to the story (scroll to June 6) and here is a link to my reading on the Flash Frontier YouTube. Yikes! I can’t believe I did a video, my first! Please bookmark the site to see/hear a new story every day through June 22. Or follow them on Twitter for updates.

I have been having fun creating micro and flash pieces during the Covid lockdown. I’ve really been stretching my imagination and it feels so good. I’ve also been reading some great Flash in various journals and magazines that I plan to share with y’all soon. In related news, I’ve stepped down as CNF Editor at Barren Magazine and started reading Flash submissions as a Contributing Editor, back where I started! I loved having the experience of being a lead editor but I really wanted to get back to reading without the complications and time element of editing. It just fits my life better right now. I’m also reading submissions for the new Flash Fiction journal Fractured Lit. I do hope you’ll give Fractured a read. We put out new content every Monday.

So, yeah, it’s all about Flash for me these days!

2 thoughts on “Recent Publications in Flash Fiction

  1. I finally had a chance to give time to your stories. This heartbreak is endless.
    I also enjoyed listening to you read. I have a friend from New Orleans and I recognize the intonation of the language.

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