Two New Publications

I am thrilled to share I have two recent publications of my work online.

Much thanks to Damon and Ariana at Emerge Journal for publishing my little flash fiction “Peaches in Alabama“. The inspiration for the story was a road trip long ago to Gulf Shores, Alabama where we did, indeed, see many signs for peaches for sale. I had no idea Alabama was so ripe with them. However, the rest of the story is pure fiction. Apologies in advance for the F-bomb to any of my family members who may read it. 🙂

My poem, “Creation’s Chaos” is in the brand-spanking new issue of Flash Frontier in the “Stars Around the World” section. It’s a beautiful issue, as always, with wonderful selections from poets and writers around the world. Thanks to Michelle Elvy and staff for giving “Creation’s Chaos” a second run as it was originally published in MORIA in 2019.

I have a few more pieces out in slush pile world so we’ll see if any make the cut. Now that I’ve been on the reading side of lit mags I know how subjective selections can be and that sometimes it’s about whether the piece fits the vision for the upcoming issue.

Now, here’s a random pic I took recently for your viewing pleasure, a la Ellen. If you are fascinated by British culture, as I am, you must read her fabulous blog, Notes from the U.K.

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