A Day In the Life of a Sick Woman

St. Cecelia in St. Roch Chapel 2009

A cat in heat has been caterwauling
non-stop for at least a week &
fire trucks are wailing &
road rage-crazed drivers are honking &
buses are vroom-vrooming &
kids are playing basketball in the parking
lot behind the house, the ball
thump-thump-thumping on the pavement
making the dogs bark & the drive-up
kid at McD’s is talking into the mic
so loud I can hear each & every Yat-infused
syllable she speaks to each & every
fast food starved patron who drives up &
lord have mercy I’m sick & tired
of being sick & tired & can someone
tell me which saint I need to pray to
to give me some peace.


I was looking through some old poems today when I found this one written in 2013. It took me right back to the days’ long sinus headache I was suffering at the time. Fingers crossed, I haven’t had one in the last couple of years. Reading your old stuff can bring back all kinds of images and feelings.

Definition of “Yat” is here.

History of St. Cecelia, Patron Saint of musicians, composers, instrument makers, and poets, here.

2 thoughts on “A Day In the Life of a Sick Woman

  1. I love this! Its a truth that feeling miserable somehow intensifies every little sound and vibrates it through your body to increase your misery. And thanks for the link to St. Cecelia. A great photo. (K)

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