Away. Then Back.

I was just sitting on the patio enjoying the cool of late afternoon when I decided to visit The Oracle. She provided lots of words, as usual, but I created a brief verse, as is my way.

Away. Then Back.

elaborate shadows drive a
sleepy beauty
blue languid love
sweats in arms of honey
chants over skin
raw as rain
on the moon


Inspiration via .

2 thoughts on “Away. Then Back.

  1. Don’t know yet what I think of these magnets. However, big however, I like what you did here with them. Poem is so ripe. Fingers willing to move in so many directions. Delicious what language allows. AND I love the photograph. A home I’d want to be inside. Thanks for all.

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    1. Hi Neil! You should try the magnets. I find them a good way to make me really think, lol. Thanks for the compliment. That’s my kitchen windowsill on a very humid day. 😊


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