NaPoWriMo Day 8

It is what it is

Years flow together waiting
for a thing to begin. After
creamy, spicy, salty mouthfuls
were swallowed, the Avocado seed
waited on the window sill in a glass
of water, gestating.
The parallels of our existence
didn’t go unnoticed.
Waiting was our life, waiting
for our hormones to get things done,
for a bit of matter to make itself known.
Deep within us nothing moved
while the world
around us continued to turn.
Other plants grew and greened,
other children cried and crawled,
but we stayed
inwardly still, while outwardly
in motion.
One day, I let you go. Another day,
I let myself go.
There are ways to hide yourself away
or choose to change perspective.
I chose to change.


Prompt via The Wombwell Rainbow

Art by John Law

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