Napowrimo Day 17

When the moon hits your eye

you grab my arm to hold me
still, saying I Won’t let you go —-
and I turn faster than a deer out-running
a bullet, grab your shirt under your chin,
thrust my face into yours, say Oh, yeah?

Then moonlight fell on us like holy raiments
and I don’t know how it’s possible
but it happened, we electric like a thunderstorm
turned human one minute then bathed
in milky luminous lust the next, the anger draining

down our bodies soaking floorboards leaving
ghostly footprints of rising steam that dissipate
in the moonlight as we hold each other
and Just like that! we became
another cheesy bewitched-by-the-moon story.


Prompt via

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

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