NaPoWriMo Day 24

Salt Cellar

Knee socks and folded paper

a playground at recess

a circle, a caucus, a coven

magic fingers and bated breath

favorite numbers whispered, counted

secret messages released in the air

fly off to the future, wait for us

a circle, a caucus, a coven


Prompt via The Wombwell Rainbow

Art by Kerfe Roig – Kerfe’s image reminded me of the paper game, called Salt Cellar, we used to play in middle school.

So, it’s finally happened to me – I’ve lost the option to write in Classic Editor. I suppose I’ll have to hunt down a Block Editor tutorial since it appears I can no longer write in html mode to format my poems the way I want them. Grrrr. If anyone can point me to a tutorial or give tips please leave a comment. Have a great weekend!

19 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 24

  1. Love the spell of “a circle, a caucus, a coven”! As to your Classic Editor issue, I had to learn how to reformat my poems so that when I copied and pasted them in, they’d look exactly like I wanted. WordPress made me a short video to show me how to do this. I can send it to you if it helps (let me know). If you’re composing right on the site, that’s a different matter. I’ve found the WordPress staff very helpful and the chat function a useful and quick way to get reoriented. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks, Lynne! I do copy & paste my poems into WordPress. I always pasted in the hymn mode so I could manipulate the text like I wanted. Otherwise the text would be double-spaced, like this one. Anyway, I would like the tutorial. Please email to charlotteham504 at gmail whenever it’s convenient for you. Thanks!

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      1. It did. So I have discovered that the posting options on my laptop are not on my iPad app. That’s my problem. I always write on my pad. This morning I logged on the laptop and it was a totally different posting experience. It’s crazy. I guess I’ll have to write on the laptop from now on and that aggravates me. I’m going to contact support. Thanks, Lynne!

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      2. Yaay! And not Yaay – I’m guessing this wasn’t an issue before (the old version)? Sometimes newer isn’t better, the old dog was enjoying his nap Lol! Good luck


  2. I love this magical chant.

    I still don’t understand block editor at all. I copy and paste my poems in “paragraph” and copy and paste images in paragraph, or download them in “image”. It works for what I need to do. I dislike the poetry blocks because it cuts off part of the poems when I look at things in my reader. You have to go to the site itself to see it properly. So I don’t always go and read the poem because of the extra work it takes. Also, aesthetically, I dislike that grey block. I’m sure that posts are skipped because of this feature. I complained to WordPress about it, but they don’t care. (K)

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    1. Ugh, it’s all so convoluted now. I can’t even remember all the things I’ve tried. It seems like I’ll have to start writing on the laptop to have any kind of control. It’s pretty short-sided of WP not to make it more user friendly for pad users.

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