Clipped Wings

It’s Prosery Monday at dVerse Poetry Pub. Today Merril challenges us to write a prose piece of no more than 144 words including the following quote:

“I am bombarded yet I stand.”
From Adrienne Rich, “Planetarium”

My piece is titled “Clipped Wings”.

Your ceramic bird fell and shattered like our dreams of a long, shared life. I didn’t mean to drop it – my fingers went numb. As numb as I’ve felt since you announced you were leaving. You opened the bedroom door and I quickly shoved a few pieces under the sideboard, fluttering wings beating in my chest. I am exhausted after hours of my tears and your tantrums, your shrill recriminations keening through the house. I am bombarded yet I stand here clutching a ceramic shard in my palm. As you brush past, I grab your arm and raise mine. A sharp blue feather flies to your heart.

32 thoughts on “Clipped Wings

  1. It’s an act of nourishment, what you do, what you give, these close knit threads, engaging words – and doing this in the face of a blank page. Your act is generous. Me, out of sorts this eve, but even so, enough poetic clarity to penetrate my discomfort. Thanks needed being said. 🙂

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  2. Powerful! This made me think of how you know a relationship is pretty much over when you go numb, yet I think she is still hurting a great deal for that ending. The shards of a relationship can do so much damage! 😱

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  3. As others have said, great ending! I like how this piece starts in the past tense but ends in the present tense – brings the reader right in.


  4. Quiate a tale. Maybe it would have been better to just let him go that have to explain how he fell on the “feather”!


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