Eyes Closed in a Quiet Room

Spotty and Sammy

I love my bed, love snuggling

under the purple patchwork 

quilt hand-sewn by 

my mamaw’s best friend

over 35 years ago,

Love how the sheets 

are cool in summer, 

but warm up with my body’s 

heat in winter, I love 

my electric blanket 

like a bear hug

when the cold wind 

blows, love my pillows

that are nothing special 

and didn’t cost 60 freaking dollars – 

can you believe people pay that?

I love my bed, the way my cat 

pads up my leg, over over my hip

 up to my shoulder, 

touches my cheek 

with her cold nose, 

purrs in my ear. I love 

my little dog in his special bed 

next to me, the gentle

snorts he makes in his sleep. 

I love feeling enclosed,

listening to the rustling 

of the palm trees, the cawing 

of crows,

the rumble of the washing machine, 

all the small creaks

and snaps of this old house. 

I  love the quiet moments, 

ordinary moments, 

my moments.


These are actually just thoughts that ran through my head this afternoon while I was taking a nap-break in my bedroom. Not sure I’d call it a poem but there it is. Today is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub so I’m linking there. Lots of good poetry going on so run on over and visit!

25 thoughts on “Eyes Closed in a Quiet Room

  1. Surely reads like a poem! And I feel at-home in your lines about cat crossing over hip to place cold nose on face … our 18-yr-old calico is a fixture in the bed, adding warmth and vibrations both felt and heard – we dose off to a roar; if I wake middle of the night, she’s quiet … until I wiggle a bit, then the go-back-to-sleep roar resumes.

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  2. Aww, that’s so beautiful and heartwarming. I always let my cats in my bed especially for bed time. Sometimes, I wake up and three of them are there. It just makes me melt. I used to not do this so much, but I wanted to comfort my older cat since I thought he was getting antsy as I’m not around as much. It turned into my little ones banging on the door at night (sometimes waking me up) and I decided to just let them in. At first, I was sort of reluctant since I’d wake up and then I’m positioned weirdly with a cat in my side, but now I can’t live without them there. I was so disappointed one night when I woke up and no one was in my bed lol.

    Anyway, this big paragraph was all to say I resonate with this SO MUCH. It’s the little moments we can treasure that make life everything it should be. Being surrounded by our pets is one of the greatest moments we can live in. Beautifully and evocatively written and expressed! All these ordinary and quiet moments are everything especially when you experienced the loudness and chaos life can suddenly bring.

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