NaPoWriMo 2022 day 22

Cruising the Fest

Listen to the whirl of guitar & drum riding
on the breeze with whiffs of
The Big River & roast beef po boys
Listen to the rustle & crunch of
people clapping, feet dancing
in a crush of bodies & fun
Watch nimble fingers plucking strings
of steel, hair flying like freedom on fire
Watch an elderly gentleman, dapper
in dark suit & bowler hat, mesmerized
by musicians’ whirl & pop, a whisp
from his cigarette jigging overhead.

Today the French Quarter Fest opens in New Orleans. Back in the day it was my favorite fest because the setting is along the river front and it was a small, mostly local festival. Alas, it’s grown and now is pretty huge. But I have fond memories from when it was smaller and more relaxed. It’s too crowded now for my taste.

The photos are ones I took years ago of Susan Cowsill and her band. She is a force and you should check out her music if you’re unfamiliar with it.

So, I combined prompts from (use repetition) and The Wombwell Rainbow again. Thanks to artist John Phandal Law for inspiration and Paul Brookes for the prompt.

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