NaPoWriMo 2022 day 24

We’ve Always Been Happy

We were together again last night
sitting on the patio in our old aluminum
lawn chairs, ice clinking in our
gin and tonics playing cymbals
with the low beat from the radio. Small
animals rustled in the underbrush
at the bottom of the garden as
the hoot of an owl wafted on the wind.
We chatted about the ways of the world,
how lucky we were, and the comfort of
newly baked bread topped with fresh
tomato and melty cheese. It was right
behind us in the kitchen. We walked
inside, arms around each other,
for another drink and a snack.
Then I awoke, covered
in sweat, a tang of tomato on my tongue.

Thanks to artist Gaynor Kane and Paul Brooks of The Wombwell Rainbow for this prompt.

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