As glasses were raised

we stole away from the table - 
first you, then me, so as not
to invite titters and whispers.
The sun was a golden coin
melting into smoke kissed
mountains, tossing pink
confetti into the sky.
The evening song of cicadas
rose and fell in aural copulation,
long meadow grass tickled
my bare knees while Prosecco tickled
our tongues. We felt so alive,
like stars blinking into a night
sky, spreading a shine
of possibilities from galaxy to galaxy.
We were the beginnings of a Monet
bursting to be an O’Keefe:
vivid, exuberant, grabbing forever
in fistfuls.

With thanks to dVerse Poets Pub and Merril for providing six beautiful pieces of art and inspiring us to write an Eckphrastic poem .

15 thoughts on “As glasses were raised

  1. Charlotte–all the images of this person–the pink confetti, the “aural copulation,” and
    “We were the beginnings of a Monet
    bursting to be an O’Keefe:” Love that! 💙

    The painting actually reminded me and my husband of Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party, which is also in sculpture form at Grounds for Sculpture,


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