3 Quick Things

Sammy says hi!

I was fortunate to be chosen for the Micro Madness 2022 long list recently and my video reading is up today on the Flash Frontier YouTube channel. My piece is titled “Wild Horses” – yep, after the song. Big thanks to judges Meg Pokrass and Rose Collins for this honor. Congrats to all the short and long listers as well as the winners. All pieces can be viewed here.

Yesterday my Tom Petty inspired Microfiction “Anything is Possible” was published in Hobart Pulp, a zine I’ve read for years and never imagined I’d be in. Big thanks to Aaron Burch for publishing it and for being as big a Tom Petty fan as I am!

Finally, I was interviewed recently, along with Suzanne LaFetra Collier, by Rachel Laverdiere about musicality in lyric essays. It was an interesting conversation that you can watch on Vimeo here. Rachel has a great newsletter about writing creative nonfiction, essays, and memoir she sends out every other Sunday via Mailchimp. I highly recommend it!

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