Immerse Yourself in Somebody’s World: Reading Short Stories

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Today I’m sharing two exceptional pieces of fiction I read recently. I became completely immersed in both while reading and felt excited and satisfied when finishing. This isn’t an easy accomplishment for writers. But both of these women are writers you want to read and read and read. I’m always on the watch for stories by Meagan Lucas and Sara Dobbie. I think you will be too after reading the two selections I recommend below.

And Then the Forest Will Burn Down” by Meagan Lucas in Passengers Journal is about a woman in crisis who signs up for fire duty to get away and think. Meagan is a masterful when writing about women in stressful or life-questioning situations. She builds tension very effectively, leaving the reader breadcrumbs along the way to keep us hungry for more. I can not stress how immersive and exciting this piece is. You will love it, I promise!

Pay attention,” he said. “Watch.” Every minute could mean acres, lives and livelihoods. It only takes one spark, one stupid camper, one careless hiker, one stray coal. This wasn’t a joke, wasn’t easy. Wasn’t time to goof off. “Don’t get distracted and don’t fucking smoke,” he said, stubby index finger jabbing the air. I had to hide the snort that escaped when he said that behind a pretend cough. Who did he think I was? How many 40-something women took fire lookout jobs to goof off. To run away from their problems? Yes. Fool around? Not so much.

Note: You have to scroll down quite a bit to get to Meagan’s story. Very worth it!


One Way Ticket” by Sara Dobbie in Eunoia Review.

This piece by Sara drops you whole right into a particular place and time so that you feel like you’re a local watching the story unfold. The details are crisp and clear, the setting is familiar to anyone who grew up in a small town. You know these people, you know a woman like Eileen. Or you think you do. Again, like Meagan, Sara tells a story of a woman in crisis masterfully. I loved this story.

Tommy was supposed to pick me up that night. I figured I’d be done by midnight, so I told him to come down and check the place out, maybe have a drink and meet my new boss. He never showed. I sat on a high stool at the bar sulking and exhausted. I didn’t want to take the bus back this late, but I didn’t know who I could ask for a ride. God damn Tommy. He let me down so many times I couldn’t even remember why I liked him. Every time I tried to break up with him, he would fill my head with all kinds of sweet sentiments and kiss me until I couldn’t think straight.

Lazy Sunday afternoons are made for reading. I hope you’ll relax on your porch or patio with a beverage of your choice and read these two stellar pieces. Happy reading!

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