New Work & New Writing Home

Happy New Year!

This is a general announcement about my new-ish Substack where I seem to be writing mostly about writerly things. I honestly don’t know what future content will be but the possibilities are wide open. It’s free to read and will always be free as I have no desire to make money from it. So I hope you’ll take a peek and subscribe if you like what you read. It’s called “The Hidden Hour” and you can find it here.

I’ve had a couple of pieces published recently and another coming out on the 28th (I believe) in Trampset.
Right now you can read my flash CNF in Flash Frontier and my flash fiction in roi fainéant.

Copies of The Best Small Fictions 2022, which includes my piece “Hot, Cold, & Blue”, can be purchased from Sonder Press here. It should be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. soon.

I hope everyone reading this is well, safe, and warm! Take care!

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