Forgotten Woman

If I died alone in a nursing home would anyone notice or would I be just another old lady leaving a bed for another old lady, just another pair of hands to fold over a sunken chest, the heart beneath long ago stilled by loneliness. If I died alone in a nursing home would my spirit have been strengthened by endurance and faith or would sweet relief from long days of bed sores and liquid feedings, from hurried and impatient caregivers be welcomed. If I died alone in a nursing home would anything that went before even matter. ***** Writing … Continue reading Forgotten Woman


No matter how old you get the nightmare still horrifies the scream for help is just a whisper the thrashing in hostile arms hopeless but still… there’s a last hard push for recognition and the strangled cry for “Mamma!” that awakens and you turn on the light with heart to bursting and wild eyes searching dark corners and the smell of fear in the room. What does it mean that in your fifth decade you still cry for mamma in the middle of the night? _____________________________ So, yes, I had a terrible nightmare last night. The kind where you don’t want … Continue reading Unsettled