Writing For Writing’s Sake

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Literary Orphan’s editor, Mike Joyce. I like this particular answer of his so much because I’m so tired of the same old tired advice you hear/read from writers: “write every day.” Why? You can write crap all day long but if it’s crap and you’re just filling pages why waste your time and energy? Writing when you’re not inspired is excruciating. Writing when you’re inspired is a joy or a sorrow or a catharsis. Go out into the world and experience, live your life, soak it all in. Inspiration will follow when … Continue reading Writing For Writing’s Sake

Literary Orphans: The Lennon Issue

This is a phenomenal journal and I’m so excited to be included in it. Mike Joyce & Co. put together a visually beautiful and stimulating journal with each issue that other journals would do well to emulate. It’s evident from its high art style to the diverse contributors to the personal Editors Note that this is a labor of love – everything about it is meant to please the eyes of the reader and it does. Do yourself a favor: CLICK! Now! WWW.LITERARYORPHANS.ORG ISSUE11: Lost Prophet (John Lennon) We’re a digital writing and art magazine based in Chicago, and we’re … Continue reading Literary Orphans: The Lennon Issue