Literary Orphans: The Lennon Issue


This is a phenomenal journal and I’m so excited to be included in it. Mike Joyce & Co. put together a visually beautiful and stimulating journal with each issue that other journals would do well to emulate. It’s evident from its high art style to the diverse contributors to the personal Editors Note that this is a labor of love – everything about it is meant to please the eyes of the reader and it does. Do yourself a favor:

ISSUE11: Lost Prophet (John Lennon)

We’re a digital writing and art magazine based in Chicago, and we’re excited to show you our latest issue, featuring veteran writers published in The New Yorker right alongside emerging writers who graced us with their first publication! Each story is paired with two unique photographs from art contributors!

Six times a year we release a ‘general’ non-themed issue, named after someone of note that spent time raised away from their parents. This time around, by popular demand, we took a look at John Lennon. On one hand a fantastic songwriter who inspired millions towards art with a global-peace message. On the other hand, a jealous and abusive husband. We look at it all, warts and smiles. What do you think? Can art be separated from the failings of the artist?
Featured in this issue:
Simon Perchik – Three untitled poems
Rhonda Talbot – Installation Sex (fiction)
Anna March – What’s in a Name? (A biography of sorts)
Matt Potter – An interview re: Pure Slush’s latest project
Leesa Cross Smith – An interview on her on writing!


John Lennon Hit Women: A Note from Editors
Potty by Mel S.
Mother’s Day by John Burgman
HUSTLE, by Tom Pitts: A Book Review by Editor Mike Joyce
Tucson Poetry Festival: Interview with Ander Monson and Matthew Conley
Valentine’s Day Moussaka by Anna Susay-Duffy

Tom Pitts – Everyday Hero
Katrina Prow – Other Than Holding
Mark Stewart – Becoming a Vegetarian and 2 other micros
Erika T. Wurth – Mason Snap
Roland Goity – Tiny’s Fifteen Minutes
Deborah Nedelman- We are sorry for any inconvenience
David Paine – Car Snakes
Madiha Khan – Descartes and Me
Benjamin Eaton – Halloween
Tommy Dean – We Regret to Inform you
Dennis Thompson – Tony Wilder Essman’s Last Mount
Laura Stout – Shedding Skin
El Elving – It’s Better to Know Us
Ted Gogoll – The Brawler
Lucy McKee – Search of Self
Mark McKee Jr – Jacks
Michael Koenig – Approaching Dawn
Jack Caseros – Moments of Momentos
Tabby Stirling – Miss Angelika March
Mike Joyce – Just Like Me [STAFF]

Molly Kat – Warning Label
W.M. Butler – tropical depressions: 3 poems
Charlotte Hamrick – Loose Ends & The Grappling«««
Ezra Letra – Win Terrace
Joyce Chong – Two Poems
Matthew Burnside – I am a Quantum Sex Wizard
Mariah Wilson – Two Poems
David R Gemmell – fuse box & colossus
Rebekah Veerasammy – THE LAKE NEXT TO OUR HOUSE
Forester McClatchey – The Tenth Labor
Rachelle Shepherd – 2 Poems
Natalie D-Napoleon – the sting of the little things & 1 other poem
Peter Marra – A Flesh Sculpture Of An All American

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