Mother’s Day Coming. Again.

My emotions are mixed about Mother’s Day, not being a mother myself doesn’t bother me. I’m used to the automatic happy greeting from store clerks and strangers, I just smile and say thank you. (After all, I am mamma to my pets.) But there are plenty of childless women who feel a knife twist in their wombs when they hear that automatic greeting. Other women bristle at the thought that a mere pet makes one a mamma. On one hand, I think some people take the greeting too seriously but, on the other, I think these women have a right … Continue reading Mother’s Day Coming. Again.

Mamma and Granny

I’ve written many poems about my mother in the past few years but they’re all about her time in ICU before she died in 2012. It was a sorrowful, stressful time and I tend to write more when I’m melancholy. I was looking through them to find one to post today for Mothers Day but they’re all sad except for this one. It’s short (my preferred form) but it refers to a basic truth that I only recognized after her death. Dowser   You were the divining rod of my life long before I even knew you, when I was … Continue reading Mamma and Granny