Mother’s Day Coming. Again.

My emotions are mixed about Mother’s Day,
not being a mother myself doesn’t bother me.
I’m used to the automatic happy greeting
from store clerks and strangers, I just smile
and say thank you. (After all, I am mamma
to my pets.) But there are plenty of childless
women who feel a knife twist in their wombs
when they hear that automatic greeting.
Other women bristle at the thought that a mere pet
makes one a mamma. On one hand, I think some
people take the greeting too seriously but, on the other,
I think these women have a right to their feelings
and maybe we should be more aware that not all
are mothers. Maybe just stop wishing random women
of a certain age a happy Mother’s Day.
It’s just not that hard to be mindful.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Coming. Again.

  1. Oh my, thoughtful. Two things here and I speak from knowledge and past history. In a nutshell, plenty dreadful if one wants to be a mother and is not, on the other hand to decide you don’t want to be, then perfecto! I’m writing novels on adoption and the vision through children’s eyes. Heartfelt and visionary! Maybe someday Charlotte you can write a sentence or two about my poetry or novel, though it’s very long like 414 pages. 😊

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  2. I hear you. I think it boils down to the fact how we as a women of a certain age group are perceived. And to be mindful means not to generalize that perception/label.
    Thought- provoking post C. Much love!

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  3. Grrrr, this sounds a very American habit. If somebody said that to me, I’d reply that my mom is indeed a glorious woman and everybody should be celebrating her. As for me, bestia doesn’t call me momma but sidekick. 😀


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