Writing With Poet Fida Islaih

On Wednesdays at 6:00 pm Poet Fida Islaih facilitates a chat for poets called #PoetteerChat on Twitter. I’ve been participating for a couple of months and have enjoyed chatting and getting to know other poets. Two weeks ago Fida had poet Nicole Gilotta, author of Eat This Poem, as a guest on the chat. (Transcript here.) I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her book and the inspiration for writing it, so much so that I invited the other participants to join me in writing a collaborative poem about food. I’d always wanted to do a collaborative poem and the subject piqued … Continue reading Writing With Poet Fida Islaih

“the possibilities of language”

Gessy Alvarez mentioned my poem “Up To Down” in the latest issue of “Editor’s Eye” on Fictionaut. I was surprised and delighted, to say the least. It’s so gratifying to have an accomplished writer and editor like Gessy recognize my work, especially a piece that has special significance to me such as this one. As a lover of words and creative language, I’m especially happy with her comments: A good poem should feel like a shot of caffeine injected into your consciousness. It should clobber you with the possibilities of language. and Hamrick delivers an avalanche of a poem with … Continue reading “the possibilities of language”