“the possibilities of language”

Gessy Alvarez mentioned my poem “Up To Down” in the latest issue of “Editor’s Eye” on Fictionaut. I was surprised and delighted, to say the least. It’s so gratifying to have an accomplished writer and editor like Gessy recognize my work, especially a piece that has special significance to me such as this one. As a lover of words and creative language, I’m especially happy with her comments:

A good poem should feel like a shot of caffeine injected into your consciousness. It should clobber you with the possibilities of language.
Hamrick delivers an avalanche of a poem with humbling panache.

I’ve been reading Gessy’s blog, Digging Through the Fat,  for a while now where she often interviews poets and writers and links to some great writing through her monthly feature “Community”. A while back I tweeted about her story “Sex for the Living” on Literary Orphans which I think is one of the best stories I’ve read this year. You really should check out her blog and this piece, in particular.

By the way, I often tweet links to stories and poetry that touch me so feel free to follow me.

Thanks, Gessy, for the mention! I appreciate it so much!

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