NaPoWriMo: Day 1 – Blown Away

St. Mary Street, New Orleans

Blown Away

In the time before the wind she
couldn’t imagine a life without him.
Long languid days drifted together,
shared conversations and whispered
secrets, dreams imagined and fulfilled.
Then the wind blew through, expectations
scattered and complacency tumbled.
Havoc rolled in on the hot breath of

6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 1 – Blown Away

  1. Thanks, Pamela. You are always so supportive and I so appreciate it.

    Juice, I’m trying, I’m trying!

    Martin, It is written about Katrina – very perceptive.:)


  2. Oh, of course it’s about Katrina!

    I like the line-breaks, especially August all by itself, looming out there like a disaster, and the unexpectedness of the first break — the obvious thing to do would have been to end with “wind,” but there’s a sort of breathlessness to going on to “she.”

    Grand poem. She must have busted up a lot of relationships, I mean in a relatively ordinary way: I live far away, and I never thought of that.


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