I’ve almost forgotten how the crisp autumn air felt when you pushed your fingers in my hair, the flat yellow eye of the sun glaring through the windshield, the musky scent of your perfectly pressed trousers, the high shine on your black shoes. I’ve almost forgotten the rhythmic squeak of rusty springs at the shifting of weight, the sharp intake of breath, the sudden lapse of movement. I’ve almost forgotten you. Continue reading Details

Too Far Gone

His eyes were black like something burnt in the bottom of a skillet. Her hair was red and she wore it up, errant tendrils stuck to the back of her neck like clotted blood On a moonless  night they went riding, the big BSA thrumming between their thighs, the sameness of a small southern town burning at their backs, shimmering like something from an apocalyptic fantasy The wind in their faces felt as hot as the flush of adolescent hormones before they learned how to quench that parched thirst, all fingers and sweaty arm pits and muffled groans They rode bare-headed with eyes wide … Continue reading Too Far Gone

New Eyes

  In hurricane mode your life becomes an altered reality in which time has no meaning or substance. You’re stuck in a no-man’s land of howling winds, horizontal rain torrents and the pops and creaks of a storm-stressed house. The world outside the storm zone turns on but you’re inside a cocoon of stomach churning anxiety, uncertain of your next hour. After the storm passes, you enter a state of pure exhaustion from days of running on adrenaline and wait for the Gods of Electricity to favor you with power and a return to the normal little life you see … Continue reading New Eyes