10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 6 – The Swamp Shack

  1. Hey Yous,
    may we hang this exquisite post on my Ladder?

    I just got a house on Piety between Rampart and St Claude so perchance we will become neighbors. Though finishing the work on this foreclosure will take the following year, I can wait a little while longer for homecoming, as it has been since 8/29/05, when I rode out the storm and Federal Flood for 7 days in the bywater (but then again, we were All by the water).


    1. Dear Editilla,
      You know you may at any time hang anything of mine on the ladder. (well….almost anything) 🙂 This is actually a second bedroom behind my best friend’s shotgun. Let me know when you move in and I’ll come for a visit. I’m in the Bywater often. So glad you’re back in the city! xoxo


  2. Thanks Yous!
    And btw… Ah been workin’on this ever since finding you… is NaPoWriMo one’a’dem Tibetan 4 syllable thingies that one might open up the 6 syllable mantra thingies with?
    For example:
    Om Ha Hum Hri
    Om Mani Padme Hum
    …jus’axin 😉


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