Whenever I find myself wishing

I lived alone, I’m going to remember

this day.  I’m going to remember

the silence that is not peaceful, that is not

only the absence of sound but the

absence of you.  I’m going to remember

that you weren’t here when I turned to

share a thought or here to ask why when

the caller ID didn’t work. You weren’t here

when I needed help with the old dog nor

when it was time to eat. I ate alone and

it didn’t seem worth it – without you. I did

my normal chores and the ones you usually

do and I was tired. But you weren’t here to

dish up a bowl of Triple Chocolate Stampede

for me and I didn’t even want it. Imagine that.

I only wanted you.

6 thoughts on “Jolt

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You never know what you have untill you loose it…BUT, It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved al all.


  2. Wow, you really captured that feeling well in your words. Reading this poem truly gave me a sense of overwhelming loneliness. A very painful emotion. I can relate.


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