Repetition Interrupted

It makes me anxious, reading
your words. I’ve done my
years of anxious, of constantly
running three steps ahead of
a fit. I threw that shit away in
2009 after my good altruistic
intentions got slammed by a
sledgehammer of entrenched

And that was just in my work life.

Friends come and go and I
became caught up in a frenzy
of mindless socializing, of
running from event to event not
of my choosing, hitting the
streets in a dervish dance from bar
to parade to fest to second line
and guzzling the latest cocktail de jour
or micro beer. Yeah, you right.

I fell for their slack-jawed mantra
that you’re only really living when
you’re immersed in “the culture”.
But I don’t believe their version is
the one and only true religion and
I grew tired of trying to be
more like them.

I’m not like them.

I called bullshit on it all and just stopped.


Shared with  dVerse Poets Pub.

6 thoughts on “Repetition Interrupted

  1. This unfolds in a way that I can appreciate in my own life. Its honesty and bare-knuckled putting it on the line tone grasps facts that I might wish to take seriously once more.


  2. think most of us went through such a period in life…and then realizing..that’s just not me and not what i want to do and how i want to live…ha..and sometimes it’s good to put a rather abrupt end to this…as you’ve obviously done…great write


  3. Yes, I went through a time after a break-up when I thought the only way to live was to fill my social calendar so full I didn’t have time to think. I was on a merry-go-round of activity. Eventually I realized this was not me, and furthermore it was really not fun. It seems many have gone that route. I liked the honesty in this poem.


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