An important first step along the path to a possible
tie-up: rake them into a pile and chop them up
because they keep the part of your brain that’s
only interested in rewards.
It’s the response to your anxiety that’s
helpful or hurtful, that tell-tale crusty texture
which signals that all the juice has been locked
inside. It took her four years before she opened
because she didn’t intend to be replicable.

these problems pale in comparison to blatant


Inspired by the Poetics prompt on dVerse Poets Pub.

16 thoughts on “Regardless

  1. it def is all in the response to the anxiety…and knowing how to respond because for many it crushes them…never anticipating it coming…flip floppery is a cool word…smiles.


  2. Great lines:
    “path to a possible tie-up”
    “tell-tale crusty texture”
    “she didn’t intend to be replicable”

    I love the vagueness here that really makes the reader think and reread. Great parallel to the Poe short story, the body-bagging, the anxious giveaway. The brain does have immense control, and our best hope is to can control it—cut it up and bag it. All that pent up juice, inwardly trapped, can be dangerous though. When she’s cracked open, it’s going to gush. By the title and the text, I’m assuming she’s become very closed off to protect and control herself. Regard-less, without regard, “crusty” on the outside.

    “Replicable.” So she’s keeping her uniqueness (and emotion) inside so that it can’t be captured, hurt, duplicated. Maybe. 🙂

    Flip-floppery could mean going back and forth between decisions and convictions. Or it could just mean wearing flip-flops—they’re loud when you walk and draw attention. This girl is trying to go unnoticed.

    Okay, now what does it really mean? 🙂


  3. This was really interesting, I went back and reread a few times- I’m probably a million mikes away- but this spoke of our obligations to being seen as stable, emotionally stable- because society doesn’t recognise very well our anxieties- its seen as as something that should just be dealt with- as in ‘get a grip’. The flip flippery could mean the day to day doldrums- or the flip flop of an anxious palpitating hear. I really, really enjoyed this, made me think- challenged me. Sorry I’m a thousand miles away from the point! Stu mcp


  4. Flip-floppery and indecisiveness always disrupt obligations, the most important one being truth to self, gaining a proper sense of self-awareness that we can carry thrunon our many other obligations. Intriguing way you have taken on the dverse prompt.


  5. Flip-floppery is a cool word and one I tend to associate with politicians. 🙂

    Obligation and duty can be a heavy load, especially for older caregivers responsible for even older patients or family members. Sometimes the one being taken care of can be demanding and sometimes the caregiver thinks only of reward. Still, the dutiful are admirable, no matter their motivation, and preferable to unreliable assholes.
    It can get complicated.

    H/T to Mamma Zen for getting me thinking. ( )

    Thanks to all for your comments and musings.


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