Image by Herbert Bayer, 1932

“For men and women are not only themselves; they are also the region in which they are born, the city apartment or farm in which they learnt to walk, the games they played as children, the old wives tales they overheard, the food they ate, the schools they attended, the sports they followed, the poets they read, and the God they believed in. It is all these things that have made them what they are, and these are the things that you can’t come to know by hearsay…”
― W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor’s Edge”


I reblogged this from my Tumblr which is my artsy playground. It was a hit there, generating 157 likes and reblogs which is the most I’ve ever had.

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  1. Herbert Bayers ‘the Kiss’ was a fav, I do remember this one, which is remarkable given one had to memorize a few thousand images, titles and details for each way back when I was in art school. Ah, the memories.

    Seems to me I read that one is more likely to form a meaningful relationship when the two someones are geographically similar. The urban to urban, ocean to ocean and praire to praire. Don’t know about that.


  2. I tend to agree with that notion, Hudson. My experience has been that a relationship lasts longer when the two have a lot in common, the same basic likes, etc. Opposites might attract (and I’ve experienced that) but after a while the differences become more pronounced and less attractive.


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